“Melodious, harmonious, modulation, singing”. This Latin word arises in the musical search to which this duo, composed by Portuguese singer Laura Rui and Brazilian guitarist Iury Matias, proposes in their performances. Under a creative and improvisational context, a dialogue is born between Brazilian, Portuguese and jazz music, where the rhythm and sounds of the world play a central role in the conception of musical arrangements and rereading of the repertoire chosen by the duo. In this choice of musical themes of other composers, the duo observes and absorbs the original, always making a new reading where their musical references can echo on that theme that initially made them fall in love. In addition to this perspective, MODULATUS Project is also a laboratory of original compositions where experimentation and spontaneity knows no bounds. At the moment the duo has been focusing increasingly (and intensively) on this second strand, trying to show their music in which life, sea, land and time play a central role in the lyrics and the melody itself. In this field come original themes with loopstation experiments, allowing a work of rhythmic, harmonic, melodic exploration, between timbre experimentations in both guitar and voice, with space for the emergence of improvisations of both musicians, allowing a total spontaneity in each and every concert.

Laura Rui

Laura Rui has a degree in ‘Music Direction, Theory and Musical Education’ from the University of Aveiro. Furthemore, she has been attending vocal technique classes, having worked with teachers Sara Braga Simões, Ângela Alves and Kiko Pereira. Currently , she studies Harmony and Improvisation with Professor Nuno Ferreira. At the lyrical level, the role of Papageno in Mozart's opera Magic Flute, performed at the Rivoli Theater in Porto, in a production for children, stands out. As vocalist of the group ‘Conversa de Botequim’, the highlights include performances at the Ovar People's House, the Júlio Dinis Museum and Pithiviers, this last in France; the creation of the Pentagma group (a capella group consisting only of female voices) that has performed in Christmas programs throughout Portugal and, more recently, at the Dragão stadium (Stadium of Porto Football Club); She regularly participates in projects with the symphonic band Ovarense, where she has performed in some rooms, including the Europarque and Ovar Art Center, and with the Air Force Band, with the concert at Ala Magna in Lisbon standing out. She also performed as a guest of musician Iury Matias at the Trocópar (PT) festival and at the Chiado Café Literário - A Casa da Boavista cultural space. She also performed with the Big Band of MOB (Oliveira do Bairro) in a tribute show to composers Zeca Afonso, Carlos Paião and José Cid. Participates in the album “Another Margin” of the Portuguese group Vila Navio, where she lends her voice in the duet “Rainha da Alfarrobeira”.

Iury Matias

Iury Matias is a professional musician with a degree in music and a master's degree student in musicology, having worked in several states of Brazil between 2005 and 2013, when he moved to Europe, where at the time he starts performing in Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, passing through Cape Verde and Portugal.Born in the city of Natal, in northeastern Brazil, began his studies in music in 2003 and accompanied artists such as Gabi Buarque, Livia Mattos, Camila Reis, Caio Padilha, Letto, Riccelly Guimarães, Silvia Sol, sharing stage with Armando Tito, Elza Soares , Zezé Motta, Coutto Orchestra. In Europe, he performed in various stages, meeting and playing with musicians from other countries such as Mozambique, Chile, Cape Verde, Uruguay, Angola, Czech Republic, participating in festivals; 14th Guitar Night (CPV), MIMO Festival (PT), World's Word Fair (CPV), Guitar Point Festival (PT), III Musicflat Percussion Festival (PT), Andanças Festival (PT), Petit Fai Festival (BEL ), Trezecatorze Festival (ESP), Trocópar (PT). Passed by some cultural spaces of Portugal; House of Music (Porto), Hard Club (Porto), People's House (Ovar), Experimental Circle of Aveiro Theater CETA, Free Zone (Vila Real), Vila Real Theater, Maia Cineteatro, Black Market (Aveiro), Casa do Brasil (Lisbon), Gato Vadio, Casa da Horta, Chiado Literary Cafe - The House of Boavista, PÁRA - Literary and Cultural Space, Ground Floor.